At The Rainbow Trading Post, we have a broad selection of new and used pistols, rifles and shotguns from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We also are well stocked with ammunition for pistols, rifles and shotguns.

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We also carry an extensive line of cleaning products to keep your guns in top operating condition, as well as cases for long guns and pistols. Organize your ammo with storage boxes and ammo cans.

Improve your aim with scopes and red dot sights from a variety of the top manufacturers.

In addition, we carry an extensive line of new and used knives, and sharpening supplies.

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We carry an extensive line of reloading supplies including dies, presses, powders, primers, bullets, shot, brass, shotgun hulls and reloading manuals. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll order it for you.

Among the brands we carry are:
Allianz, Hogdon, IMR, Accurate, Pyrex, Barnes, Hornady, Lee, Dillon, RCBS, Lyman, RIO, Federal, Winchester, Remington and CCI.

Custom Holsters

The Rainbow Trading Post is pleased to offer custom all-leather holsters produced locally. We currently have holsters that fit more than 100 models of guns, including Glocks, 1911s and the NAA .22 Mag. Designs include OWB, IWB and Pocket styles. We regularly add designs to fit other model pistols.
The holsters are available lined or unlined. Finishes are mahogany, black, brown or natural, as well as American flag, snakeskin and crisscross designs. Other finishes and tooling are also available. Current turnaround for custom orders is 3 to 5 weeks. Call or email for details and availability.


American flag design on leather for a variety of models. Sample shown available for $80.
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Design available for a variety of models, including Glocks (pictured). Price as shown: $80. (Pistol sold separately.)
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Crisscross pattern on leather: $60 as shown for Glock. Other models available.
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Natural tanned leather, $50 as shown for 1911. Available for other models.
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Pocket Holsters

Pocket holster with brown finish for NAA .22 Mag as shown: $40. Other finishes available.
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Pocket Holsters

Mahogany finished pocket holster for NAA .22 Mag available for $40. (Pistol sold separately.) Ask about different finishes or holsters for different models.
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Snakeskin finish on leather. $65 as pictured for Glock. Available for other models.
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Inside Waistband

Mahogany finish with belt loop for 1911 models as pictured, $65. Other finishes available. IWB holsters for other models available.
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